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Governor Delivers Remarks at Fresno Budget Rally

Fate of the Green Chemistry Bills Remains in Limbo - Posted 09/18/08



"I'm fighting for, true budget reform so we don't get into this situation again. And I hope that the legislators are with me on that. We have had a productive meeting this afternoon [9/17/08], we're going to have another meeting tomorrow morning [9/18/08]. I want to have them improve the budget and also to have serious budget reform, not the fake budget reform that we have seen so far."  Absent some sort of breakthrough in negotiation with the legislature, it is anticipated the Governor will formally veto the budget on Friday.


9/17/08 Video and Text of Governor's Remarks


Meanwhile the Green Chemistry Bills (AB 1879 and SB 509) have yet to reach the Governor.  In his prepared remarks on Tuesday, the Governor said, "If the legislators override my [budget] veto -- which I expect them to do that -- it will guarantee that we will have to make huge cuts in education next year, or we will have huge tax increases next year. If my veto is overridden I will send the hundreds of bills that are on my desk back to the legislators with my veto."


In further clarifying this point in response to a reporter's question Governor Schwarzenegger said, "The only power that I have as governor in a situation like this is looking at the bills very carefully, every bill, and see which bill will cost more money to the state or which bill is a job killer. So I will look at every bill very carefully and evaluate that. So I'm not saying [I will veto] every bill, I'm just saying that every bill will be carefully evaluated and hundreds of bills will be vetoed."

                                                            Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger 09/17/08


CICC anticipates the Governor will sign the Green Chemistry bills, which enjoy the full support of CalEPA, but the timing and circumstance surrounding the signing are unclear at this time.  See also:


  9/16/08 Video and Text of Governor's Press Conference



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