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2008 End-of-Session Wrap-up

Updated 09/03/08



CICC Supported "Green Chemistry" Bills Successful


Perfluorinated Ban Passed Despite Strong Industry Opposition

Senate Refuses Passage of Bill to Ban BPA



Sacramento - 8/31 - The Assembly and Senate approved their respective Green Chemistry measures, AB 1879 (Feuer) and SB 509 (Simitian), and the bills will go to enrollment and then to the Governor's desk in the next couple weeks.  The bills are "double-joined" which means both must be signed into law by the Governor for either to take effect.  CICC congratulates and thanks and the authors and co-authors and the Administration for their hard work and bipartisanship regarding these very important measures.   


CICC vocally supported both bills and encouraged an "Aye" vote on the question of Assembly and Senate concurrence.  DuPont and the Grocery Manufacturers Association, in addition to a broad array of environmental groups also supported the measure.  Larger trade associations such as Consumer Specialty Products Association, Western States Petroleum Association, American Chemistry Council, CA Manufacturers and Technology Association, and CA Chamber of Commerce officially withdrew opposition to the measures.


Regarding other bills, CICC was disappointed by the narrow passage of SB 1313 by Sen. Corbett.  SB 1313, a bill to accelerate the phase-out and ban of certain perfluorinated compounds, is the embodiment of a Legislative intrusion into the scientific realm in disregard to the earlier conclusions by OEHHA scientists that expedited action is not warranted.  SB 1313 and similar bills which dominated the 2007 - 2008 biennial legislative session are the very reason why CICC aggressively worked for the passage of the Green Chemistry legislation.  CICC urges its members to contact Governor Schwarzenegger to urge his veto of SB 1313.


Other bills of primary importance to CICC in the final weeks of the session are noted below.   To view additional detail - Click here.   Also, please see the article regarding the passage of legislation to merge the Office of Emergency Services (OES) and the Office of Homeland Security (OHS) - Click here.





-Passed -SB 509 (Simitian) - 'Green Chemistry' -                               CICC Position:  Support

-Passed - SB 1313 (Corbett) Ban perfluorinated compounds -              CICC Position:  Opposed - will seek Veto

Failed - SB 1713 (Migden) Children's products: bisphenol -                    CICC Position: Opposed




Passed AB 1879 (Feuer)  - 'Green Chemistry'                                             CICC Position:  Support

-  Failed -AB 514 (Lieber) & AB 515 (Lieber) Workplace safety and health - CICC Position: Opposed/Opposed


-  Failed - AB 558 (Feuer)  Chemical substances: testing -               

CICC Position:  Opposed



Failed - AB 706 (Leno) Fire retardants (brominated) -                             CICC Position: Opposed 



- Failed - AB 1183 (Lieber) Workplace safety and health -                 CICC Position: Opposed



-  Failed - AB 2175 (Laird)  Water Conservation;                                      CICC Position: Opposed


-  Failed- AB 2505 (Brownley) PVC packaging ban -                                            CICC Position:  Opposed  


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